Techs against COVID-19: Premium Products by TusStar Startups

Post Time:2020-07-07

Upholding World Community Vision, China TusStar Tech-Products Fight Toghther in “Anti-pandemic” Initiative


At the beginning of 2020 China suffered from the epidemic outbreak of COVID-19. It's clear that times of crisis are also times of opportunity and the epidemic situation will boost relevant industries such as healing drugs, vaccine, medical equipment, pathogen detection and protection, etc. A lot of high-tech startups incubated by Tusstar played important roles in epidemic prevention and control with their good products and services, such as patrol robot for epidemic prevention, NMV95 reusable nano bacteriostatic & anti-virus mask, rapid detection technology of COVID-19, antibacterial agent and thermographic Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Fever Screening System, etc.

The virus is spreading across the world at the moment when the efforts of epidemic prevention and control in China have gradually borne fruits. Public health security is a common challenge faced by humanity and we firmly support other countries' efforts against the COVID-19 epidemic, and stand ready to boost cooperation with them to win the battle through mutual support and help. TusStar has established more than 140 incubation bases in more than 70 cities in China, and 30 incubation bases in more than 13 countries abroad. With the networking of 170 business incubation spaces around the world, all startups of Tusstar could explore the international market and get good earnings if they satisfy the needs of proper customers. At present, it's a good opportunity for them to go abroad in order to enhance international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, just like what they have done in China during the past several months. Under the circumstances , Tusstar will take the responsibility of supporting them with the plan “MIS STAR” which means Model International Show of Tusstar. We will organize several on-line shows to promote excellent startups in order to let more and more people to understand their products and service. It's time to go, “kick-off”!



Product name: Electret Masterbatch for the Melt-blown Filter Material
Company Name: ZHYJ
Brand:  Plastic Plus
Product Category (Model): ZJM30
The filtration efficiency of  the melt-blown filter Material can be improved and its resistance can be reduced by adding the charge into the Melt-blown Filter Material to form the electret material.
International Registration & Certificate
·ROHS and REACH by CTI China Test;
·Biocompatibility Test Report of Huatongwei.



Product name: Silver ion antibacterial solution
Company Name: ZHYJ
Product Category (Model): A101
Effectively kill a variety of pathogenic bacteria and some viruses.
International Registration & Certificate
·Analysis and test report of Guangdong Provincial Microbial Analysis and Testing Center(Influenza A virus HNN1);
·Antibacterial test report of National Textile Products Quality Supervision and Inspection  Center;
·Biocompatibility Test Report of National China Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention.



Product name: Covid-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) computer-aided radiograph reading system 
Company Name: Guangzhou Perception Vision Medical Technology Co. LTD
Brand:  Pvmed
This system is a lightweight computer-aided reading tool for COVID-2019 based on the Guidelines on COVID-2019 Imaging Diagnosis.  The company upgrades original AI-assisted screening system in the light of imaging characteristics of COVID-2019. It can conduct diagnostic screening rapidly of suspected cases in DR or CT imaging. At present, medical needs surge in a short time, and it’s difficult to achieve rapid and accurate diagnosis especially in severely affected areas. The system can cope with large-scale case screening that may occur, and help to find potential patients in time. It assists doctors to diagnose the type and severity of the disease, so as to facilitate hierarchical medical services and coordinate medical resources. 
Combined with clinical signs, the system can automatically generate a structured graphic report that complies with the latest coronavirus, assisting doctors to greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy.   



Product name: ClO2 Hydrogel (Slow-Release Chlorine Dioxide Technology)
Company Name: Tianjin Tsing-ke environmental protection co., Ltd
Brand:  Tsai -Hui
The Tsai-Hui ClO2 Hydrogel using S-RCD technology can release the ClO2 in low concentration and keep a long release time from 1 up to 2 months to achieve a continuous biocidal disinfection.
International Registration & Certificate:  CE



Product name: Air Deodorization Disinfectant
Company Name: Hubei Husen Technology Co., Ltd
Brand:  Xiuba
It can effectively kill all microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, bacterial spores, fungi, mycobacteria and viruses. It also has many functions, such as algae removal, antisepsis, antibacterial, fresh-keeping, deodorization and bleaching. It is widely used.



Product name: Clean2 space purification guard
Company Name: Hubei Husen Technology Co., Ltd
Brand:  CLEAN2
·Prevent and control cold virus, effectively prevent and control cross cold; 
·Effectively decompose formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful gases; 
·Effectively remove smoke, odor and peculiar smell; 
·Effectively prevent mold breeding.



Product name: Limpilaire gel air purifying box
Company Name: Hubei Husen Technology Co., Ltd
Brand:  Limpilaire
·Prevent and control cold virus, effectively prevent and control cross cold; 
·Effectively decompose formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful gases; 
·Effectively remove smoke, odor and peculiar smell; 
·Effectively prevent mold breeding.


Product name: Binocular thermodetector with infrared thermal image and visible light
Company Name: DeZhou Thinkhub Optical & Electronics Co. LTD
Product Category (Model)TH-A200
Multi-person Temperature Monitoring in Public Places, 150-180 persons per minutes.



Product name: Patrol Robot for Epidemic Prevention
Company Name: Zhuhai Dimension Robotics Co.,Ltd
Brand: Dimension Robotics
Product Category (Model): MoRo S
Mask-Wearing detection,temperature measurement for pedestrian and sterilization for public places.
International Registration & CertificateUN38.3



Product name: Epidemic Analysis System Based on Meter Data
Company Name: Beijing EvaVisdom Technology Co.,Ltd.
Brand:  EvaVisdom
Functions: EvaRead is an epidemic analysis system based on water, electricity, heat and industrial instrumentation data which is collected by smart meter or our own hardware. At the city level, it monitors the effect of closing a city or a closed area, distinguishes between urban permanent residents and floating population, locates and tracks the number and location of floating population, and calculates the changes in personnel before and after isolation within the jurisdiction. Location of occupants and vacant houses, predicting the number of residents, and indicating the time of returning residents to stay in the community; predicting the health and occupancy of households through changes in energy use and abnormal energy use; enterprise level: analysis of the start-up and capacity of enterprises or factories in the area , quantitatively assess the extent to which enterprises and industries are affected by the epidemic.



Product name: Nebulair Infection & Odour Control Systems
Company Name: Beijing Bactest Technologies Company Limited
Brand:  Nubulair
Product Category (Model): NS500 & NS1000
Nebulair is being effective against 99.9998% of harmful pathogens, including Coronavirus, Salmonella, MRSA, C. difficile, Norovirus, COVID-19, etc.
International Registration & CertificateCE



Product name: Projection Vein Finder
Company Name:Shenzhen Vivolight Medical Device & Technology Co.,Ltd.
Product Category (Model): VIVO500S, V800
The projection vein finder serves as an assistance in locating veins. It aims to help the medical personnel to evaluate the condition of veins, locate and trace veins. The projection vein finder is based on the principle that human hemogobin has a higher absorption of infrared light than other tissues. The processed vein image is synchronously and precisely projected back to the skin.
International Registration & CertificateCE, FDA, ISO13485.



Product name: commercial anti epidemic cleaning robot
Company Name: ZhenRobotics Co., Ltd.
Brand: RoboWhale
Product Category (Model): mini
high-end real estate, instant distribution group, e-commerce logistics, closed park, government park, high-end community, company park, hospital isolation zone.


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