The most professional, leading system integrator and equipment provider in China‘s radio and television digital field.
—Beijing Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd. [Stock Code:30079]

To be the leader of Chinese marine electronics and naval defense information technology.
—Highlander Data Technology Co., Ltd. [Stock Code:30065]

  The pioneer of Chinese internet publication and the domestic leading communication agency of copyrighted digital content. —ChineseAll Cultural Development Co., Ltd. [Stock Code:300364]

TusStar Industrial Empowerment Center

Helps industrial partners link to the most cutting-edge technology

Gathering top scientific research institutes, technology transfer centers, innovation networks, and industrial resources

Based on the thousands of innovative companies covered by the TusStar global innovation network, the TusStar Industry Empowerment Center has integrated a number of domestic top scientific research institutes, technology transfer centers, industry leaders and other resources.Relying on national transformation, we nurture and develop emerging industries. Facing the challenges and future development of the technology-enabled industry, on the one hand, it helps to optimize and upgrade the industrial structure, on the other hand, it helps the application of cutting-edge technologies in the industry. Also, it strongly promotes the application of scientific and technological innovation and development.

The TusStar Industry Empowerment Center is committed to starting from the actual needs of traditional industries, with the help of the TusStar global innovation network, industry, education and research resources of the Industry Empowerment Center, matching cutting-edge innovative technologies. And provides the demand side with a comprehensive set of comprehensive solutions to implement the technology-empowered industry.

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