Tsinghua Dream Course

It is a new model of innovative entrepreneurship program, started by TusPark and Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management. As of December 2019, 9 times have been settled, among the 179 teams, half of them have started their own companies, more than 38 teams have obtained investment. The total amount of financing was more than 250 million RMB.

Tsinghua x-lab

Tsinghua x-lab is a Tsinghua University student’s EducationPractice Platform forcreation, innovation and entrepreneurship. It was started by Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management with 14 other departments on April 2013. With the supports of TusPark and TEEC (Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club), 557 programs has been enrolled, more than 30% firms have obtained investments until Dec 2019.

TusStar Plan

The cultivating plan “TusStar” was launched by Tus-Holdings in 2013. The plan intends to collect projects through all over the world, by the incubation style of “incubating service+entrepreneurship training+angel investment+public platform” to raise the world-class corporations. Till Dec 2019, more than 150 TusStar Incubators have been set, nearly 10000 startups have been entered, holding more than 3000 start-up training and 500 investments joint activities.

TusStar Camp

TusStar Camp was lanched by TusPark as an large-scale public welfare entrepreneurship training and angel investment plan, as a showcase of the innovation service ability for TusPark’s 20th anniversary though the theme of “Creating a Fenceless TusPark“. In 2020, TusStar will start its journey once again.

Diamond Project

In September, 2006, TusPark started the “Diamond Project” according to the “Congregation, Polymerization, Focalization and Achievement” model to create high-tech companies with world-class technologies and industry leading positions. The project picked future diamond companies from TusPark,and integrated resources from universities, companies, governments from all over the world, supporting and helping them with capital, technology, talents and industry chains. Up till to the December, 2019, the project has selected 8 batches of 69 diamond companies, among which 22 have gone public.

Listed Companies

In the past 24 years of TusPark, it has been rasied 41 listed companies,such as,Sumavision Technologies (Stock Code:300079), Highlander Data (Stock Code:300065),Spreadtrum Communication (NASDAQ:SPRD),etc., meanwhile, Smartdot, EBEN, and other 40 enterprises have been merged.