Office Amenities:
Founders should focus on their companies. We take care of all the administrative things, so you don’t have to worry about them, including WiFi access, printing capabilities, and coffee/tea.
Conference and Meeting Rooms
As a member of the community, you and your team will have unlimited access to our 5 private meeting rooms and conference room.
Consulting certification
Policy advisory, project application, product certification
Investment & Financing:
Our venture arm is actively looking to deploy capital into promising companies within our investment scope.
Intermediary Agency
Business registration, Finance and taxation platform
Brand Promotion:
Multimedia, Service Network
Training & Communication
From monthly meetups focusing on specific technologies to pizza and coffee mixers, we’re constantly encouraging companies to get to know one another.
Technology transformation
Technology Identified, Identification, Technology Exchange
IP and Legal Services
Our experienced legal team can provide counsel and services for startups to handle any legal or intellectual property issues
Policy Consulting
The latest interpretation of the latest local policies