Coming up : TusStar Thailand

Post Time:2020-03-19

On January 29th, TusStar and Thailand Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) officially signed a memorandum of understanding in Bangkok, Thailand, to promote the development of TusStar Thailand and to further promote the development of China and Thailand in the field of science and technology.


Zhang Jinsheng, VP of TUS Holdings, Chairman of TusStar, and Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatchairin, Chairman and CEO of DEPA, signed the MoU. The Minister of Digital Economy and Social Affairs of Thailand, Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj, witnessed the signing. Mr.Chatchai Khunpitiluck, Senior Executive VP and COO of DEPA, Dr. Chinawut Chinaprayoon, VP of DEPA, Dr. Suii Jianfeng, General Manager of TusStar Thailand, and Huang Zihua, General Manager of TusStar Hong Kong, and more than 50 companies from China, Thailand and Malaysia witnessed this ceremony together.

The signing ceremony is a milestone of the implementation of the cooperation content after TUS Holdings and DEPA unveiled Thailand's first cross-border incubator, TusStar Thailand last September. Under the framework of this MoU, the two sides will gradually optimize the cooperation rules for the joint establishment of an innovation incubation center.

Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj, Minister of Digital Economy and Social Affairs of Thailand, gave a speech to welcome the arrival of TusStar and China's start-ups, congratulating TusStar and DEPA on achieving strategic cooperation in the field of digital innovation incubation, and achieving substantial progress for the exchange of science and technology between China and Thailand.

DEPA Chairman Dr. Nuttapon introduced the content of the memorandum and said that it will promote the Science and Technology Incubation Center together with TUS and promote the economic exchange and development between China and Thailand with the science and technology as the carrier. Finally, he announced that TusStar Thailand is expected to open in April this year, and looking forward to and welcome start-ups to Thailand.


Zhang Jinsheng, chairman of TusStar, said that this signing ceremony brought China-Thailand cooperation to the next level. TusStar Thailand is the 127th incubator set up by TusStar, committed to globalizing the power of innovation. Bangkok is the second network node for the TUS to implement the Belt and Road strategy in Southeast Asia.

He introduced that this trip to Thailand was highly appreciated by Chinese and Malaysian start-ups and investors. He hoped that the TusStar Thailand will play a bridge role in the future and become the link between China and Thailand in innovation and entrepreneurship.

TusStar Thailand will focus on creating five major innovation platforms: the first is to promote and incubate Chinese and Thai and regional entrepreneurs, improve the technical level and commercial capabilities of enterprises; the second is to promote the transformation of Thai scientific and technological achievements; The third is to help entrepreneurs in China and Thailand to widen their international vision and create innovative exchange programs between the two countries; fourth, to help start-up enterprises obtain more investment opportunities; and last but not least, to gradually achieve the goal of jointly building the economic ecosystem of China-Thailand ventures.