TusStar Gobal Network Help Startups in the Anti-pandemic Journey

Post Time:2020-07-07

At the start of 2020, the pandemic COVID-19 swept across China and the world, bringing huge instability to the world economy. The crisis, possibly the most serious in several decades, required countries around the world to set aside disputes and work together to overcome difficulties.

The pandemic poses severe challenges, but it also brings opportunities for development. The outbreak and widespread of the coronavirus not only made the society pay more attention to the prevention and response to sudden pandemics, but also promote the development of “anti-pandemic” related industries and help innovative products find more suitable application scenarios. To this end, at a critical juncture of the continued spread of the pandemic abroad, to fully utilize the advantages of TusStar's global innovation network, “the Star plans” by TusStar promotes the initiative of “ Under the help of the TusStar, enterprises works together” for science and technology enterprises.

At 21:30 GMT+8, March 21, 2020, the first webinar invites ten guests from TusStar oversea bases, connecting Asia, Europe, and North America three continents. It designed to help science and technology enterprises to go abroad and participate global Anti-pandemic actions, showing their creativity and social responsibility!

During the meeting, four science and technology companies introduced the core issue related to their business in detail, including their product parameters, production capacity, qualification certification, logistics and transportation. Staff from TusStar Oversea bases shared their observation related to pandemic development, resource matching problems and possible precaution with the four enterprises and continue to help promote cooperation.

Four enterprises join the first webinar covering ten oversea bases

Neatrition Technology 

Beijing Neatrition Technology Co., Ltd. was born in Tsinghua University. It is a new material and technology company integrating R & D, production and sales (four Board Code: 300002). Neatrition is the forerunner of the industrialization of super hydrophobic technology. The series products mainly cover (super) hydrophobic nano materials, which are waterproof, dustproof, snow proof and oil proof. As a frontier science and technology enterprise in Zhongguancun, Neatrition is committed to solving the surface cleaning and maintenance of all related objects of industrial users and ordinary users. 


NMV95 reusable nano bscteriostatic&anti-virus mask

Anti-Bacterial&Fog Textile
Lucesion™ is not only a glass cleaning cloth, but also a high-tech product to prevent your glasses from fogging and bacterial. A special nano membrane can penetrate the virus or bacterial cell membrane attached to its surface, thus making it inactivated and denatured. At the same time, it can make the water vapor form a uniform anti fog film on the surface of the lens, instead of the tiny water drops that hinder the vision, which has the effect of anti fog and bacteriostasis, so that you no longer suffer from the fog.

Technical Principle

Water vapor can condense into water droplets on the surface of glasses due to temperature difference. Lots of discrete small water droplets will lead to strong light scattering and cause blurred vision. By using Lucesion™ textile, the anti-fog constituent can be absorbed onto glass surface to form a transparent super-hydrophilic nano-film. When water vapor condenses onto the glass surface, a uniform layer of water film instead of discrete droplets will quickly generate to avoid light scattering Thus, clear vision can be kept all the time. At the same time, when bacteria adhere to the surface, the active substances on the nano film will destroy the organic structure of bacteria, so as to achieve the bacteriostatic effect.


Eye wears/Medical goggles 


Bathroom Mirror 

Diving Mask

Accurate Biotech

Established in 2004, Accurate Biotech is an established and known leader in oncology diagnostics. The company addresses urgent patient needs with advanced and reliable molecular diagnostic products for precision medicine. After more than 10 years development, the company had expanded its business to 27 provinces in China. In 2016 the company stepped in to a new ear by accepting strategic investment from Tus Holdings.


  2019-Con V test kit

2019-nCoV test kit utilizes one-step RTPCR technology to reverse transcribe and amplify the ORF1ab and N genes of the 2019-nCoV RNA genome by specific primers and detect them by fluorescent probes. The kit also includes internal control system that targets human endogenous genes to monitor the specimen collection, nucleic acid extraction and PCR amplification processes.

Specimen Preservation Solution

This product provides a simple, safe and effective method for storing specimens such as pharyngeal swabs, nasal swabs or anal swabs. The RNA and DNA in the specimen are preserved at room temperature (up to 37 ℃) for up to 7 days and >1hr at high temperature (up to 95℃), which ensures that highquality nucleic acids areused for reliable downstream assays.


Dimension Robotics

Founded in 2015, Dimension Robotics is dedicated to developing robotic technologies,robotic talent training and robotic applications. Dimension Robotics has the leading technologies in robot actuators, control and robot operating system.

As the great engineering team based on members graduated from the top universities and worked in the cutting–edge robotics labs, Dimension Robotics is capable to develop robots and robotic applications for different industries. Dimension Robotics has achieved over 30 patents including over 10 invention patents till now.

MoRo S

MoRo S, designed for epidemic prevention,is capable to do mask wearing detection, sterilization and temperature measurement jobs in public places as hospitals, supermarkets, airports, offices, etc. With the help from MoRo S, a great protection shield will be made up for personnel safeties in epidemic period.
Major Functions Description:

 Laser SLAM and navigation function: Based on sensor fusion; building SLAM maps rapidly; working in various environments.

Patrolling: Operating all the tasks scheduled by management client.

Temperature Measurement: Collecting and analyzing pedestrian’s temperature in crowded through IR thermal Imager.

Abnormal temperature pedestrian alarm: Sending abnormal pedestrian image and location information and make alarm.

Mask wearing detection:Detecting whether pedestrian wears a mask and make a voice reminder to whom not.

Sterilization: Performing 24/7 sterilization work in public places.

Automatic Returning: Monitoring battery operating life and disinfectant capacity; returning to refill point when either of them barely runs out.

Remote Control: Connecting with remote monitoring and management center by 4G mobile network. Staffs can take over the control when necessary.

Side Funtions and Spectification:


Established in June 2013,Shecare was started in tsinghua university X-lab.Shecarefocuses on female household health,using the technology of Internet of things and big data to help women' s fertility, pregnant women's health.

Product :
Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Kit

Technical Principle

Test sample: whole blood, serum, plasma

15 minutes quick results 

It can be tested at home without instruments and equipment

Reduce the workload of testing in designated hospitals

 Easy to operate, suitable for all kinds of scenes

Normal temperature transportation and storage of reagents

Certification :

Ten oversea bases from TusStar help enterprises in the “anti-pandemic” journey


TusStar(Hong Kong)

TusStar (Hong Kong) is a platform that links up entrepreneurial communities with diverse innovation cultures and provides professional innovation and technology services. Originated from Tsinghua University with the regional advantages of Hong Kong, TusStar (Hong Kong) builds an innovation network for technology innovators by providing them cross-region innovation resources and information, and helps them grow fast in the Greater Bay Area and Southeast Asia. In the future, TusStar (Hong Kong) will become a bridge for start-ups to "bring in" and "go out". By integrating TusStar's network resources and Hong Kong's local advantages, TusStar (Hong Kong) will actively promote the establishment of a startup ecosystem in the Greater Bay Area.


TusStar signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the University of Tokyo IPC (Innovation Platform Co., Ltd), and launched the TusStar - the University of Tokyo IPC Japan Innovation Center. Based on the respective advantages, the two sides will jointly promote technical cooperation and communication between China and Japan, help Chinese and Japanese enterprises start their businesses and assist the school to industrialize its scientific and technological achievements. The center aims at building an innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem that serves the youth of both countries. At the same time, TusStar also signed an agreement with the DEEPCORE.io under the SoftBank Group to collaborate in incubation, innovation as well as artificial intelligence networks and to help AI companies in the two countries.

TusStar (Malaysia)

TusStar (Malaysia) is located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. It makes continuous efforts to build an innovative incubation ecosystem to serve entrepreneurship and innovation. It integrates local innovation and entrepreneurship resources in Malaysia and link it up with the resources of TusStar Global Incubation Network in the fields of technology, industry and capital in order to provide professional incubation services and a bigger development platform for enterprises.

TusStar (Thailand, Bangkok)

TusStar (Thailand, Bangkok) is Thailand's first cross-border incubator. It’s also a new milestone for China-Thailand cooperation in building the "Eastern Economic Corridor". TusStar (Thailand, Bangkok) focuses on creating an incubation and innovation platforms from five directions: one is to promote and incubate Chinese and Thai and regional entrepreneurial enterprises, improve the technical level and commercial capabilities of enterprises; the second is to promote Thai scientific and technological achievements. The third is to help entrepreneurs in China and Thailand to expand their international vision and create innovative exchange programs between the two countries; fourth, to help start-ups obtain more investment opportunities; and fifth, to gradually realize the economic ecosystem of China-Thailand ventures. Combined with the regional characteristics, TusStar (Thailand, Bangkok) will focus on incubating advanced digital technology companies and focus on helping incubators accelerate their development in big data analysis and artificial intelligence.

TusStar (Singapore)

TusStar (Singapore) works closely with the Singapore Info-communications Media Development Authority