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Beijing is Welcoming the Talent !!!

BJ Call of Talent
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Nowadays, there is a strong demand for talents and technology in high-tech fields. In the global Attracting Talents war, Beijing has shown her full sincerity.

On May 15th, the first HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition started. Beijing has brought rich and attractive entrepreneurial benefits and preferential policies for start-ups.


First Prize (5 in total)

Second Prize (15 in total)

Third Prize (30 in total)

Winning Prize (50 in total)

Office space rent reduction and exemption;
Investment opportunities, training, industrial partners  and market connection;
Household registration in Beijing, entry & exit of border, settlement, and children's schooling.



The first HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition is sponsored by BOTA ( Beijing Overseas Talents Association) with the theme of Envision Your Future. The competition dedicatesto bring the HIEST ideas, provide the Coolest stage, and create the mostinfluential, the most attractive and the most appealing entrepreneurial CARNIVAL. It will excavateand attract high-quality projects and entrepreneurial talents to stay inBeijing. It will focus on creators and empowering entrepreneurs.
Thecompetition recruits outstanding projects and talents focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Big data and Financial Technology, Biomedicine, New InformationTechnology, New Energy, New Materials and Intelligent Equipment, Cultural Creativity, and other related fields of Beijing's high-tech industry.
As the co-organizer of the competition, TusStar will undertake the liaison work for the preliminary contests in the three sub-regions of the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Also, start-ups from TusStar Global Incubation Network, as long as the business belongs to high-tech industry in Beijing, can register through TusStar and participate in any sub-regional competition and strive for the opportunity to enter the rematch.

Start-ups registered and incorporated in TusStar will receive the followingentrepreneurial benefits in addition to the competition awards——


Free office space

1. The Creator Group enjoysthe registration of 1-5 seats in the public space of TusPark according to the ranking of the competition + free for the first year of office and half price for the next year and the reward policy of incubation service;
2. The first prize in the growth group enjoys free use of office space within 100㎡in Xueyan Building in the TusPark for half a year;
The second prize enjoys free use of office space within 100 in Xueyan Building for 3 months;
The third prize enjoys the right to use the office space within 100 in Xueyan Building for one month free of charge.

3. All award-winning projects registeredin TusStar (Yanqing) will receive the right to use free office space for up to 3 years in no more than 300 square meters.


30+ services in 8 categories

1. More than 30 services in 8 categories including business taxation, human resources, intellectual property rights, policy declaration, technical services, legal services, brand marketing,  investment,  and financing, etc.

2. The top 100 winners of the competition can enjoy one-year intellectual property custody, three-month fiscal and tax agencyservices, and cloud service benefits for free.


Investment and financing services

1. The award-winning projects that have not got financed can join the Future Talent Program micro equity support plan after the company has finished registering in TusStar;

2. All award-winning companies have the opportunity to obtain TusStar’s investment;

3. All award-winning enterprises will be given the priorityto get the opportunity to participate in hundreds of financing matchingactivities every year in the TusStar network and the connection with hundreds of domestic financial institutions.


Entrepreneurship training& Industry resources

1. Award-winning projects can get TusStar’s entrepreneurship training courses for free which provides projects and enterprises with full-chain training services from innovation and entrepreneurship awareness inorder to obtain capital market recognition;
2. Award-winning projects can obtain the green channel admission tickets of the TusStar‘s Acceleration Plan. According to the project industry classification, the projects will be selected as a member of the acceleration camp for cooperation with BP, AWS, Huawei Cloud, Schneider, Michelin, CIMC, and otherworld top-500 enterprises to explore the growth of the company.

During the competition, TusStar will also provide exclusive training for entrepreneurs. More than 200 entrepreneurship courses are free for participating companies.